Post date: June 19, 2020 6:11:22 AM

By: Ryan G. Japay, SEPS Planning & Research

Cartoon By: Ge Rald Calulang (CNVS)

**cartoon is credited to Ge Rald Calulang (CNVS)

Yes, it is true..! The world is facing a war; and the status quo says that people are suffering. With over 3 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide, the public’s safety continues to be threatened and every country’s economy is losing its stability.

To battle the ceaseless horror of COVID-19, nations are sending their brave soldiers to defend its people—doctors, nurses, medical staff, health workers, and police officers; they fearlessly stand on the FRONTLINE.

Despite the negative circumstances that they would encounter, it never weakens their spirit to serve their fellows. They valiantly face the war even if it would entail a lot of sacrifices. We may be are so grateful for their heroic feat, but we also feel saddened to hear stories of frontliners dying in this war for health.

This DAY FOR THE WORKERS should not only be offered to all our local officials, government, public and private employees, but also to our DAUNTLESS FRONTLINERS who humbly render service amid this health crisis.

Our thumbs are up and our hats are off to all our FRONTLINERS who continuously keep us safe and free from harm. Your robust love for the country certainly has helped us win the battle against COVID-19.

Everyday, we are praying, too, for our dauntless heroes’ protection and well-being.